Our Commitment to You

As a small batch roaster, Prairie Lily can always guarantee that your coffee was roasted fresh. We roast our coffees according to your needs, as you require more great tasting coffee, we roast more great tasting coffee. Think of it like ordering from a restaurant, fresh coffee made to order! Our schedule begins on Monday, we roast all our orders, Tuesday, we let the coffee rest then on Wednesday we package, Thursday we deliver...

We roast our beans on the Diedrich IR series roaster. Here we have the ability to create roast profiles unimaginable to other machines. Roasting on a Diedrich ensures that your coffee is roasted to exact specifications and profiles.Those individual characteristics are then brought out of the bean for you to enjoy! 


Freshness is the key to a great tasting cup of coffee and our small batch roasting schedule provides you with this opportunity. We roast to order so the complex flavors and aromas brought out in the roasting process are at their peak. They are then packaged, sealed so you can enjoy them. 

We globally source our green coffee beans from hard working coffee farms who are concerned about quality, sustainable practices and ethical working conditions. All of our beans are ethically sourced so your conscience can feel good about the coffee you're drinking! 


​Prairie Lily Coffee Roasters is a Lloydminster,  Saskatchewan, company that specializes in sourcing and roasting the highest quality green arabica coffee beans from around the world. We recognize that there are many  ways to enjoy a cup of coffee, from our popular light roasts to our roasty dark roasts. In order to pay tribute to the hard work of each coffee farmer and the origin of bean, we try to roast our coffees as a reflection of the farmer and their country of origin. Our favourite way is by roasting light to medium. Here we can bring out the rich complexity of a sweet, fruitful, floral, and well developed black cup of coffee. Our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and its blueberry punch, our Guatemalan and its apricot kick, and our lemony zest Costa Rican. Our dark roasts can carry some of these qualities over, however they are more muted and representative of roast flavour more than origin flavour.  Which ever coffee you like we invite you to taste the difference quality and care can make. Enjoy! 

The making of a great cup of coffee starts with exceptional beans. We invest in the best beans from around the world. We are presently using: Brazillian, Costa Rican, Columbian, Ethiopian, Indian, Guatemalan and Indonesian green beans. There are plenty more out there we just choose these great green beans to fill our bags!     

The Korean Hermit And The Tiger 

There is an old legend from Asia about the Lily. A Korean hermit helped a wounded tiger by removing an arrow from its body. The tiger asked the hermit to use his powers to perpetuate their friendship after his death. The hermit agreed and when the tiger died, his body became a lily. Eventually the hermit drowned and his body was washed away. The Lily then spread everywhere around the world searching for his old friend. Soon you too will be looking for Prairie Lily everywhere you go!

About us and our Roasting Philosophy